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Pests Can Be More Than Just a Nuisance...

Overlooked Health Benefits of Pest Control – Houston, TX

Most people use our pest control services because they don't want to be bothered by Houston area pests.  There are good reasons to do this, because pests in your home are a nuisance, an interruption, an inconvenience, and an embarrassment.

They also damage items and create messes, meaning you end up spending more time cleaning up their droppings, regurgitations, stains, dead bodies, and cast-off skins--sometimes not even knowing this stuff came from pests. Yuck! If the benefits from regular professional pest control ended there, it would be more than enough.

But an even bigger value of pest control and living pest-free is somewhat less obvious, and it involves health issues with pests.  By employing pest control before problems become bigger, we actually make your home a much healthier place to live.

The recent Salmonella outbreak caused by contaminated peanuts underscores the problems pests cause.  An unknown number of people have become sick, and some have died, because of poor sanitation and pest control in the peanut factory.  It can come from various sources, but pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, and other pests are common transmitters of this disease.

Actually, it is surprising how common Salmonella poisoning is.  There are 1.4 million cases of this illness every year in this country, and 500 people die from it.  And Salmonella poisoning is only one of hundreds of diseases pests spread or transmit. Preventive pest control is an important safeguard to healthy living.

Regular professional pest control also means less chance of painful or life-threatening stings and bites from pests, as well as reduced allergies from pests like cockroaches, fleas, and mice.

Our professional pest control services are an incredible value.  We are proud to be serving an important role of "protecting your property, health, and the environment."

Protex Pest Control provides expert pest control Houston, Spring, TX, pest control The Woodlands TX, Cypress, and pest control in Houston suburbs for:

roach control - ant control - termite control - flea control - rodent control Houston and general commercial and home pest control services.


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Call a Houston Pest Control Pro for Invading Ants

Pest Control Houston TX – Ant Control Houston…

All creatures in nature serve a purpose…with the exception of bed bugs! There doesn’t seem to be any real reason for the existence of those little vampires.

I digress…ants are important species in nature. They are nature’s scavengers. Depending on the species, they help break down dead trees, dead insects and dead animals. Outdoors, it won’t take long for food products to be discovered and devoured by a variety of different ant species.

They have amazing physical strength and an ability to work together with the greatest of ease for the good of the colony. These master engineers of the environment are …Read More - Ant Control Houston   

Rats Are Bad For Business and Your Home

Pest Control Houston TX — Rat Control Houston …

For most people in the world, the thought of rats running amuck is stomach turning.

Known to carry a variety of different diseases, pest control companies in Houston say that residents in the United States consider rats to be a real nightmare when they are in a home or business.

However, in some parts of the world the story is quite different. In a silver and gold decorated temple in India, 20,000+ rats have been allowed to roam the marble floors freely since the early 1900’s. These rats are considered to be holy animals.

Hindu visitors and curious tourists travel from… Read More - Rodent Control 

Things You Might Not Know About Houston Cockroaches:

Pest Control Houston TX — Cockroach Control Houston …

Houston pest control professionals say that cockroaches are one of the most hated pests in Texas as well as in other parts of the United States.

Although recent bed bug infestations are driving people batty in Texas, cockroaches are still leading the charge overall as the creepiest of all insects!

Here are 13 interesting cockroach facts that help keep them alive and well in American society…

Many species of cockroaches only mate one time but are then pregnant for life. Known for their prolific breeding, depending… Read More - Roach Control

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Houston Termite Control Pros -

Termite Control

Houston Homeowners - Don’t Let Your Guard Down When It Comes To Termites

In a blink of an eye, spring time will be among us and people will be out and amount tending to their gardens with delight.

Termite control companies in Houston  are often asked questions about what gardening products should be used in the yard to keep it safe from unwanted termites

Many homeowners wonder what types of mulch can be used to keep their homes beautiful, yet safe from termite activity. Mulch is used by homeowners to keep moisture in the soil.

Yet the moisture that is maintained provides the perfect living environment for termites to tunnel into. Mulch that is touching a structure also acts like a bridge for termites.

Despite the claims from mulch companies, no mulch acts as a deterrent for termites 100% of the time. When using mulch, make sure that it is placed at least 6 inches away from the structure to eliminate the chances of termites working their way into the building.

There are two major types of subterranean termite species that can be found living in the Houston Texas area. The common subterranean termite and the Formosan subterranean termite are both important to our ecosystem because they break down cellulose into nutrients.

Problems arise for Houston homeowners when these termites navigate their way indoors. By the time a person realizes that they have termites, the bulk of the destruction from the termites is often well underway.

Houston termite control  professionals say that all Houston homeowners should be concerned about termite infestations for the following reasons…

• Termites are sneaky little creatures that can live anywhere, both indoors and outdoors and are often overlooked by homeowners.

• In the Houston area, termites exist most everywhere in the soil.

• Newer homes are just as vulnerable to termite attack as older homes because all homes are built with wood…a must have food source for termites.

• Termites cause over $5 Billion in termite control and damage costs to homes in the United States each year.

• Termite damage is never covered by any homeowner’s insurance policy. The cost of repairing the structure is always the responsibility of the homeowner.

The Good News about Termite Control -

Termite activity can often be detected early on with regular professional termite inspections.

Termite control can be established with durable termite treatment materials that can eliminate termite infestations and provide on-going termite control to help protect your home or business from future termite damage.

Protex Pest Control provides a Lifetime Renewable Termite Control Warranty that's transferable to a new buyer.

Call us today for your termite inspection and free termite control quote.

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Houston Pest Control Pros - Cockroach Control Experts

Do Cockroaches Really Make People Sneeze?

Cockroaches are trouble year round here in the Houston area yet the fall presents a extra special problem for some folks...

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year throughout the United States. The colors of the leaves are changing to vibrant red, orange, and yellow and the dog-days of summer are a distant memory. Along with the crisp falling leaves many people notice an increase of allergens during the fall months. Plant pollens, animals, dust, mold, and insect stings are what most people consider to be allergy triggers.

For many home owners, there could be another hidden cause for the allergies that
are plaguing your family say pest control companies in Houston.

Besides being known disease carriers, cockroaches have also been found
to trigger allergies and asthma in many people. Recent studies suggest that 78% to 98% of urban homes in the United States have had serious cockroach infestations. They thrive year-round in our well-insulated warm dwellings and multiply extremely fast. One German roach egg can hatch to 40 new cockroaches in just 30 days. And our Houston climate is an ideal breeding ground for all species of cockroaches.

It is currently estimated that for every one cockroach that you DO see in your home, that there could
be hundreds of cockroaches that you Do Not see. Cockroaches survive by hiding in or under cabinets, behind baseboards, under flooring, in food products, in closets, and behind appliances, etc.

The first cockroach allergies were reported when skin rashes appeared after roaches crawled across patients in 1943. It was not until 1959 that skin tests confirmed that people are indeed allergic to cockroaches. Sometime in the 1970's, researchers discovered people who were allergic to cockroaches also developed acute asthma attacks. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to cockroach allergens and asthma attacks. Cockroach feces, saliva, and their body parts all contain the potentially dangerous allergens.

To keep your home safe from the dangers of invading cockroaches, it's important to have a licensed pest control expert like Protex Pest Control provide intensive exterior perimeter treatments of your home. Regular on-going service is a necessity to keep ahead of these creepy crawlies in our buggy environment.

Give us
a call today for expert cockroach control.

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