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13 Cockroach Tidbits You Likely Do Not Know …

Pest Control Houston TX — Roach Control

Cockroaches Chowing Down

American Cockroach Enjoying a Kitchen Snack.

Things You Might Not Know About Houston Cockroaches:

Houston pest control professionals say that cockroaches are one of the most hated pests in Texas as well as in other parts of the United States.

Although recent bed bug infestations are driving people batty in Texas,  cockroaches are still leading the charge overall as the creepiest of all insects!

→ Here are 13 interesting cockroach facts that help keep them alive and well in American society…

Many species of cockroaches only mate one time but are then pregnant for life. Known for their prolific breeding, depending on the species and environment in which they live, cockroach egg capsules are created anywhere from 4 to 70 days.

Here in Houston cockroaches are especially prolific due to our humid, semi-tropical climate.

Egg capsules contain multiple cockroach babies anxious to join their relatives who can be hiding in your walls, cabinets, floorboards, and appliances. The constant breeding cycle translates into rapid and massive infestations for any home or business.

Houston pest control professionals say that cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes! This is why using store bought bug bombs are not effective at killing the majority of cockroaches that exist within a structure. Once cockroaches detect the poison in the air, they take a deep breath and run for cover for safe, cleaner air!

Cockroaches can live for an entire week without their head! This creepy, yet intriguing bug, only dies because it can’t drink any water without it’s head!

Cockroaches are typically nocturnal and rest for about 75% of the day. If you see them during the daytime hours, it’s a good indication that you have a serious infestation on your hands. Some people believe that for every one cockroach that you do see, there are hundreds of  cockroaches that you don’t see hiding in cabinets, walls, and other choice places.

Many people believe that the American cockroach arrived in North America during the slave trading years. The giant American cockroach is also called a “water bug” but there is no clear evidence as to why it gained that name.

Cockroaches  can easily survive without eating for a month, but deprive them of water for a week and they will be dead! But eliminating water access is impossible in homes and businesses as water is in every sink drain and comode.

You can never sneak up on a cockroach. They have a nerve that runs from their head to their tail that will alert them of impending danger.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches - The most prolific cockroach in Houston and the U.S. Just one egg hatches to 40 new roaches in only one month!

Cockroaches have reflexes that are faster than humans, which allow them to run like the dickens, and give them the ability to swim with great ease. They do have some difficulty coming up for air though because they breathe through their sides, not their noses. Weird!

If you see a “white cockroach”, don’t be afraid…it’s not a ghost roach! It’s just a cockroach that has outgrown its external skeleton and has shed its skin. No worries, it will be back to its normal ugly color as the new shell hardens in about 8 hours — unless you whack it with a shoe first!

Cockroaches do seem to have one useful purpose for humans…if you have a stinging wound, you can crush a cockroach and apply the bug to the wound to relieve the pain. Not many likely takers for that remedy though!

If you have ever had a cockroach infestation and chased the buggers around your home trying to kill them with a shoe, you know how fast they can run. Good luck trying to catch the critters, they can scurry away at up to three miles per hour! Very fast for that size creature.

This is totally wild, but cockroaches have been used in condiments, sauces and also as appetizers…not likely in the United States. In some parts of the world…people fry them up and eat them too!

For centuries, many cultures have used cockroaches for medicinal reasons to cure inflammation, urinary tract infections, indigestions, and other physical disorders.

Cockroaches are very adaptable with their food choices. They will eat any crumb of food left behind by us humans, especially starchy and protein based food types.

The lack of normal food sources is not a problem for the resourceful cockroach community as they will turn their feasting to glue, paper, leather, clothing, toothpaste, soap, hair, or even dead cockroaches or their own droppings.

No matter the type of cockroach species  that has invaded your home or business, you will require the help of a Houston pest control expert to fully eradicate the filthy pests.

For expert treatment, control and prevention of all types of cockroach species –  American cockoaches, German roaches, Smokey Brown cockroaches – contact Protex Pest Control today.

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