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Rats Are Bad For Business And Your Home…

Pest Control Houston Tx — Rat Control Houston

Rat Control in Houston is considered essential. But no rat control in this Indian "Rat Temple" where rats are holy creatures - all 20,000+ of them!

For most people in the world, the thought of rats running amock is stomach turning.

Known to carry a variety of different diseases, pest control companies in Houston say that residents in the United States consider rats to be a real nightmare when they are in a home or business.

However, in some parts of the world the story is quite different. In a silver and gold decorated temple in India, 20,000+ rats have been allowed to roam the marble floors freely since the early 1900’s. These rats are considered to be holy animals.

Hindu visitors and curious tourists travel from around the world for a chance to see the free-wheeling rats. In a completely strange twist by Western standards, eating food or drinking water that has been sampled by one of the rats is considered to be a blessing.

Of course, in the United States,  most people do not have anything positive to say about rats, nor are they happy about them roaming around their home or business. Rats are one of the most detested rodents and serious structural pests.

And because of the dangers rats pose to humans, Protex Pest Control suggests that you contact a Houston pest control expert to quickly get any rat infestation under control.

Rats Are Hazardous to Your Health.

Throughout human history, rat infestations have been dangerous for a variety of reasons.

Rats and their fleas were responsible for spreading diseases like the Bubonic Plague which has spread several times over in the past few hundred years. Since its initial discovery, it is estimated that the Plague was responsible for killing over 200 million people around the world.

More commonly, rats may spread diseases such as leptorpirosis, rat bite fever, typhus, and Salmellosis by folks eating or drinking food or water contaminated by rat droppings or urine.

Rats Are Destructive.

Rats are destructive creatures to have in your home or business. Their razor sharp incisors are in constant need of trimming, so they gnaw on most anything in sight. Electrical wires often fall prey to rat infestations which can lead to fires from exposed wires.

Rats are willing to chew their way into most anything and destroy property in their search of a good tidbit of food. Rat damage may also occur as they gnaw their way into a structure simply to make new nesting sites.

Annually, businesses end up discarding millions of dollars worth of food and crops due to food contamination of rat urine and droppings.

Lack of Rat Control is Bad for Business.

Nationwide many business are cited or shut down by the health department due to evidence of rat activity. Some stories make it to the media and result in negative reviews and  publicity — and lost business.

How Do You Get Rid of Rats–Treatment and Prevention…

You can help prevent rat problems by:

• Minimizing any attractive nesting sites on your property such as yard debris and stored piles of lumber, bricks or other clutter.

• Aviod leaving cat and dog food and water outside overnight. Know that feeding birds can attract and encourage rats to nest on your property for the handy food source.

• Seal up openings 1/2 inch or larger around potential entry points around doors, soffits, roof line intersections and a/c and other utility lines to help exclude rats.

• Try snap traps and/or glue boards if you want to try to deal with rats yourself.  Yet rats are highly suspicious and cautious by nature and may aviod the traps. Rat baits can be effective but can be potentially hazardous to pets and children if not handled and placed properly.

• Your best bet may be to hire a trained pro to prevent and eliminate rats in a safe and effective manner.

Don’t let a pair of rats turn into 20, 200 or beyond!

Our Houston pest control professionals will be able to get rid of your rats before they become a huge problem for your home or business.

For a free, no-obligation quote to eliminate or prevent rats, mice or rodent problems, call 281-440-5355 or 281-370-4772 today.

Or if you prefer, you can use the Free Quick Quote form to your right.

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