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Termite Control, Houston Termite Treatment,

Termite Inspection - What You Need To Know...

 Termite Control Houston - Protex Pest Control

     Are Termites Eating Up Your Biggest Investment?


Termite Inspections can discover termite damage - Protex Pest Control

Why you should have your Houston area home
Inspected for Termites --

Nationwide, Termite Damage to Homes and Businesses

Exceeds $5 Billion Dollars Per Year...

     Of this figure, about $500 million dollars of termite damage occurs annually right here in Texas -
including in our heavily termite infested Houston area.         (source: Texas A&M University)

     Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowners insurance leaving the cost of repairs to millions of unsuspecting building owners.
     Termite damage can mount quickly depending on the colony size, species, and the fact that termites eat wood 24/7. Because termite activity is often hidden, termite damage can become substantial before termites are finally discovered.
     The only wise solution to hidden termite infestation is professional termite inspection and rapid termite treatment.

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Houston Termite Control Tips to

Reduce Your Home's Risk of Termite Infestation


   While an infestation can only be successfully treated by an experienced Houston termite control professional, there are steps  homeowners and business owners can take to reduce the chances of developing a problem:

Schedule Regular Termite Inspections

  The most important preventive action is scheduling regular termite inspections at least once per year. Your termite control expert is trained to notice the early warning signs of termite infestation and can help prevent costly damage to your home or business.

Keep Your Foundation Visible
  You can aid termite detection by ensuring that at least two to three inches of your building's foundation are as visible as possible for termite inspection. Re-grading high soil/mulch down, removing debris next to the foundation, and thinning out or removing heavy foundation vines will help expose termite evidence.
Correct Conducive Conditions
  Termites need only 1/64 of an inch crack to enter your home.  Any foundation issues that may provide termites with the opportunity to set up a colony beneath your house should be addressed as soon as possible. If your home has a crawl space, keep it clutter-free and correct any moisture conditions.

Keep wood piles far away from the foundation --
  Wood piles serve as another invitation for swarming termites looking for a new home.
Regrade to eliminate any wood-earth contact of the siding. Such contact whistles for termites.

                      Advanced Termite Damage

   Termite Treatment Houston - Protex Pest Control        

Houston Termite Treatment by Species:

There are three major termite species in Houston:
      •   Eastern subterranean termites
      •   Formosan subterranean termites
      •   Drywood Termites
     These Houston termite species are known to cause considerable structural damage locally and each requires different methods of termite treatment:

Drywood Termite Treatment
If your termite control specialist determines that drywood termites are the problem in your home, whole home fumigation is necessary to ensure eradication of all termites in the structure.
Sometimes only a limited spot termite treatment is done for financial reasons, but this is not generally recommended. Treating partial areas in order to save money may allow some of the termites to survive and rebuild their colony in your home, leading to even more termite treatments and damage in the future.

Fumigation is the most effective method of drywood termite extermination and involves constructing a large tent to cover the entire infested structure. All oxygen within the tarp tent is gradually replaced with noxious, poisonous gas that penetrates the structure to eradicate the drywood termites in virtually every case.
Because safety is an issue with the fumigation procedure, only certified Houston termite control professionals are authorized to perform this method of termite treatment.

Subterranean Termite Treatment
If subterranean termites (Eastern or Formosan) are present within a structure, termite control experts have various options to address the problem.
In order to prevent termites from entering a structure through the soil in which they live, typically a comprehensive liquid termiticide barrier is established around the foundation perimeter, bath trap areas and other termite entry points.
Formosan termites may also require direct treatment into the termite carton they produce in walls or sometimes walls may need to be opened for removal of the wall carton.
A complete and thorough termite treatment is recommended as spot treatments offer only spot protection.
Your Houston termite control professional will advise you of the most effective termite treatment choice and procedures for your particular circumstances --
Call Now for Your Termite Inspection or Treatment Quote

Is Bait Termite Treatment the Right Choice

for Your Home?

     Another extermination method for subterranean termites is known as a bait termite treatment.
    Small deposits of treated cellulose material, like durable cardboard, are installed underground in areas where termite colonies are detected or suspected. The termites devour the material and take the poison back to the colony for dispersal among its other members.

   One advantage of a bait termite treatment is that it is inherently less invasive than creating trenches for liquid perimeter treatment. With bait treatment, the drilling of structural components is not necessary -- a factor that is appealing to many homeowners.
   This method, however, may or may not result in the total eradication of the colony and can prove to be much more expensive over time. Termite baiting is a never ending process and is often slow to work. 

   Little residual, continual monitoring and repeated treatments makes bait termite treatments a costly option that may take more than a year to eliminate the initial infestation. During this time, hidden untreated termites could continue to cause significant damage to the structure resulting in costly repairs.

Termite Inspection Reveals Needed Termite Treatment

Termite tubing emerging from support - Protex Pest Control Houston

Do-it-Yourself Termite Treatment

    Some pesticide manufacturers claim to produce do-it yourself termite extermination kits, complete with all of the chemicals/monitors needed to supposedly eliminate and protect your home from termites.
    These products should never to be considered a substitute for professional inspection, extermination and lasting termite control.
    In fact, without extensive knowledge of termite behavior and years of experience, many homeowners may use these products and believe they have solved their problem, only to find that the termites have returned with a vengeance within a matter of months – or worse - termites never really left.

    Don't rely on a false sense of security with a do-it -yourself approach. Count on the termite treatment experts at Protex Pest Control who have the in-depth knowledge, experience, materials and tools necessary to fully eliminate termites from your home or business.
     Protex's Pest Control provides complete and thorough termite treatment with effective results – GUARANTEED. Get started today with our professional termite inspection -- call: 281-440-5355.

Termite Inspection Houston Homeowners Count On...

     Sooner or later termites will attack every home in Houston. And finding termites early on minimizes the termite damage.
    The termite inspection Protex performs is a crucial step in maintaining your home's value by helping protect it from destructive termites.
    Call the Houston termite control pros at Protex Pest Control to schedule your termite inspection today. You'll get peace-of-mind knowing your home has been professionally inspected. 

33 Years Local Termite Control Experience

     Protex Pest Control has been successfully stopping termites in their tracks protecting homes in Houston, TX, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, Tomball, Conroe, Katy, and suburban areas since 1978.
Give us a call today for your termite inspection. Or with any questions you may have.

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