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Pest Control - Houston Family Friendly Pest Control- Protex Pest Control


This popular plan is designed to eliminate and control common Houston area pests in your home and maintain preventive protection covering -

Ant Control - Roach Control - Rodent Control - Mice Control - Rat Control - Spider Control - Silverfish, and more...

After the initial service of the inside and outside, your home is thereafter serviced from the outside only.

Since we're able to stop and control nearly all common invaders with our intensive exterior perimeter treatments, the inside will rarely need re-service.

Should you experience a need for inside service, we'll re-service for any covered pests free of charge - Guaranteed.

You'll love the results, convenience and peace-of-mind of our Freedom Plan - See Reviews here.

The Freedom Plan pest control service is available in Houston, TX, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Cypress, Kingwood, and all Houston suburbs.

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Our initial service includes a customized interior treatment to find and treat  any nest sites and establish residual protection to eliminate any hidden hatch-out cycles and new invaders.

Materials may include odor-free baits and powders placed in strategic locations and out of the way of people, pets and children.

Most treatment is focused on breeding sites, attics, garages, voids and entry points. Usually only a light, minimal, odor-free spraying is applied indoors, if needed.  Then a thorough exterior service is performed.

Service techniques may vary depending on the target pests and the level of activity.  Your technician will make an on-site assessment and explain the appropriate treatment plan.

You'll also receive a pest audit with pest tips and preventive recommendations to maximize results.


Our regular, thorough exterior services are key to reducing outdoor pests and thereby minimizing pest invaders.   Pests in our semi-tropical climate are prolific and can quickly re-bound outdoors without year-round treatments.

You'll feel better knowing your home has continuous protection with PROTEX's pro-active visits.

So phone today and get your home protected from Ants, Spiders, Cockroaches, Mice, Rats, Silverfish and more - Guaranteed. And if you hurry --

Protex Pest Control has service Specials for: Pest Control in Houston, in Spring, TX, Pest Control in The Woodlands, in Conroe, Pest Control in Cypress, Tomball,  Kingwood, and Pest Control in Houston suburbs. Order service today - and Save!

      Mild Materials - Thorough Treatments - Guaranteed Results

Our exterior treatment incorporates various proven techniques depending on the structure and pest levels and includes most and often all of the following:

* Exterior Entry Point Inspection                 

* Spray band where concrete 
and/or decking meet structure

* Treat thresholds

* Bait, spray or granulate harborage
areas: wood piles, garage perimeter

* Dust/spray weep holes as needed

* Treat ant mounds within 25 feet of

* Removal of accessible spider webs

* Treatment of all door facings and
window ledges

* Power Spray band around entire perimeter
of structure with durable time-release

* Spot treatment of sheds or outbuildings

* Treatment around plumbing, structure
cracks, A/C lines, cable accesses

* Treatment of visible wasp nests

* Treatment of lower eves

* Apply weather resistant granules
along foundation mulch/grass areas

Better Service. Better Results.
Guaranteed.  » See Reviews

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